Hand to Hand / Adagio / Banquine

Jaymie-Leigh works in partnerships and collectives with other performers, creating spectacular shows for any event. She is a competant flyer and base, performing in duos, trios and larger collectives. She uses her gymnastics background to complete twists, turns and saltos in the air after being launched by her fellow performers.

Jaymie-Leigh is available in the following acts:

slider11Hand to Hand / Adagio

Jaymie works as part of an Acrobatic Duo ‘Ash and Jaymie’. To find out more about this duo, please click here.

Banquin collectiveJaymie-Leigh-Acro

The banquin collective is a group of 3 or 4 performers coming together to perform unbelievable acrobatics. Throwing eachother into the air and completing twists and turns to return safely in the arms of the fellow performers. They also perform spectacular human pyramids, showing incredible strength and balance.

All acts can be tailored to suit specific events, adding themes and music etc.

Jaymie-Leigh can also be hired to work with other collectives.

For more information or to see a showreel of Jaymie-Leigh’s skills, please contact Jaymie-Leigh: